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Chef Marcela and The Wine Guy - Wine Me Dine Me Houston

Our Story

Wine Me Dine Me came about as an idea between a married couple Marcela and Keith (one a chef and the other in the wine business) with a passion for food and wine. Our creative and luxurious concept comes to your house and allows us to take you in the most amazing, elegant and yummy experience where Food and Wine are the perfect match!

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Chef Marcela

Marcela Perez is a proud Houstonian.  She has become solid in her cooking and will make your palate go "crazy happy" in her unique way of cooking and combining her foods. Her passion for tasty, healthy and amazing food is in her core.  Many years ago, she was the chef founder of My Fit Foods, Skinny Rita's Grille in the Heights, and most recent, Taqo Mexican Kitchen in the Heights.

Throughout the years, she has catered many special events in Houston and its surroundings. Wine Me Dine Me emerged from Chef Marcela and Keith falling in love and are thrilled to bring magic into your house when you hire them for your family, friends or company's events.  

Chef Marcela - Wine Me Dine Me Houston
The Wine Guy - Wine Me Dine Me Houston

The Wine Guy

Keith Livingston “luckily” found his way into the wine business after his career in selling homes declined during the recession in 2007.  Since then, he hasn’t looked back.

Throughout his time in the wine industry, he has learned and experienced so much about wines that when you hear him speak of wine, "he brings you with him" to flavor and learn about the wines you are tasting and its origins.

He started his career at Republic National Distributing as a sales rep, calling on the Spec’s chain selling wine to the largest retailer in Texas. From there, he moved on to the On Premise division, selling wines to restaurants, country clubs, bars, etc… specifically representing the Constellation Portfolio. These movements led him to two different Sales Management positions within in the distributor, broadening his knowledge of the wine business. The management positions with RNDC brought him to his current position as a Regional Manager, working for Winesellers, ltd, a family owned importing company based in Chicago, Ill.

Marcela and Keith live near the Heights and are happily married with their beautiful daughter, Valentina Bloom.


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